High Desert Haunted House – A Unique SoCal Haunt Experience!

High Desert Haunted House is one of the top Southern California Haunts on our list of The 10 Scariest Haunts in Southern California. They gave us a few free tickets to check out this year’s haunt, and guest contributor Resa visited them on their Friday the 13th opening night. Here is what she thought:

Photo Credit: High Desert Haunted House Facebook Page

High Desert Haunted House is not your typical big-budget haunted house. It is held on someone’s actual property, which they outfit into 2 mazes. It’s surrounded by dirt roads, and is a bit of a drive from main roads, which gives an isolated feeling from the start. To add to it, the scarers greet you as you get out of your car, making sure you’re on your toes from the outset.

Photo Credit: Resa Barillas

The first maze was like an asylum, and since they’re a family operation, they had the kids joining in the scares. Oh. My. Gah. Were the kids effective! There was something lurking around every corner, creepers creeping after you, ghouls that looked like scenery, scenery that looked like ghouls, and you never could tell what to expect.

Photo credit: Resa Barillas

The next was a hybrid maze of what seemed like an old western saloon with still-angry ghosts haunting you at each turn. This maze the takes to to a psychedelic clown maze, and as you enter, you’re given 3D glasses. By the middle of the maze, you start to realize that this is more to compound your disorientation (I almost walked out of the maze several times and had clowns basically steering me back on track the whole time), as there aren’t necessarily any elements that can’t be seen without 3D glasses. This section didn’t have nearly as many things or people jumping out at you, but the area was scarier for it. You got the feeling that you’d been waiting too long, that you were lost and disoriented.

Photo credit: Resa Barillas

All in all, the experience was fun, fast, and didn’t require literal hours of waiting just to go in. We really enjoyed it!

Photo credit: Resa Barillas

High Desert Haunted House is a truly unique haunt experience, put together by locals who obviously share a love and enthusiasm for horror.This year’s High Desert Haunted House lineup includes 5 new rooms, 15 upgraded rooms, their infamous ghost town and a newly-added tractor ride! They put a lot of work into making this fun for all haunt lovers, including having a family-friendly night where the scares are toned down, and an extreme night for adults 18 and over. Not near the high desert? Add it to your weekend road trip to Vegas, it’s not far off the 15 freeway in Apple Valley! 


High Desert Haunted House

9976 Bonita Vista Rd, Apple Valley, CA

Select nights, October 13th through 31st

$8 for one house or $12 for both (with canned food donation, or $10/$15 without)

Parking: FREE




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  1. Jon Rodriguez says:

    Vandal Image Productions did a GREAT job with the western and clown maze! I never thought I could be so scared. Walking through dark hallways while actors pop out at you. The western maze smelled like rot and grossness and the clown maze smelled like gingerbread and pine. What great effects to bring a haunted house more immersive. They did a great job!

  2. Laura Guerrero says:

    Had so much fun at the High Desert Haunted House , we went twice in a row, amazing local haunted house….. in my opinion better than a theme park maze. They were very nice and friendly! We arrived a bit late on Sunday (family night) which was more toned down for the children. They were supposed to be closed at 8:30-9pm but they still made time for us and since we had no kids in our group they made it scarier for us, which was awesome of them to do . We will definitely be going back!!! Thanks guys!

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