Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is One Scary Ship!

On Thursday, September 28th, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor unveiled a spectacle of new, terrifying attractions with more monsters and scares than ever before. We received free tickets to attend opening night of Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, and joined the thousands of brave thrill seekers for a night of screams and scares.

Step into a world of nautical nightmares. Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is back for another season, this time bigger and better than ever. The rich history and haunted legends of The Queen Mary pair perfectly with the cast of ghoulish characters and talented performers to bring a haunt experience unlike any other.

As the sun sets over the ship, the nightmares come to life. Queen Mary’s cast of characters includes creepy clowns, a ghostly ship captain, a downright evil dinner crew, love-sick ladies, a little girl who just wants a playmate and more.

There are a total of seven scream-inducing mazes this year. Including the all new FEAST maze. Also new this year, the Chef’s Meat Locker, is an additional cost and takes guests into the frozen depths of a one-of-a-kind 9-degree ice bar for a curated selection of flavored tasting vodka flights.

Here is a run down of the mazes:

FEAST: NEW this year and for the FIRST TIME EVER – a 4th maze aboard the ship! The all-new Feast will take you on a terrifying journey into areas of the ship that have never before been accessible to Dark Harbor guests. During WWII when The Queen Mary was in service as a troop transport ship, an enlisted military man serving in the ship’s kitchen quickly moved up in the ranks to become a highly decorated Chef. Unbeknownst to the soldiers traveling aboard, Chef had a dark side…are you ready to be served?

INTREPID: (Newly intensified) Do you dare go back to where it all began? Meet the mastermind, the creator and now the protector of the Queen Mary. The Iron Master has returned to reclaim the precious vessel he built, fiercely guarding it from the antics of the freaks and ghouls. Follow his maddening journey… if you dare step aboard.

CIRCUS: (Newly intensified) Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and experience the world’s most horrifying circus! Face your greatest fears as you wander through a terrifying tent of terror. Disorienting illusions, maniacal magic acts, and a cadre of sideshow freaks are certain to shock, stun, and startle even the bravest of souls.

DEADRISE: (Newly intensified) Deadrise is a WWII escort ship that helped guide The Grey Ghost through enemy-infested waters. After a fatal crash during one of their dangerous voyages, Deadrise sank to the bottom and has been resting in her watery grave in the depths of the sea ever since. The wreckage of Deadrise has once again been called into service by the star of Dark Harbor, The Captain, to escort him and his armada of ghosts and monsters into a battle against the living to reclaim Dark Harbor

LULLABY: (Newly intensified) Ring around the rosy, a pocket full of nightmares. The new Lullaby maze takes the visitor on a spine-tingling trip through the story of little Scary Mary. Gone, but certainly not forgotten, Mary is looking for playmates to join her on the other side of hell. Will you succumb to the youngster’s pranks and tricks, or will you escape with your soul intact?

SOULMATE: Gale has been haunting Dark Harbor looking for a soul mate since her mysterious disappearance. A meandering maze of mystery, Soulmate is where Graceful Gale lures potential suitors with her charm. Beware of her minions, whose job it is to chop up her suitors and reassemble them into the perfect man. Once you’ve been smitten by Graceful Gale, there is no escaping…even after death!

B340: What would drive a man to madness and murder? That’s the answer B340 attempts to answer as we take a schizophrenic sojourn into the psychotic mind of Samuel the Savage. Tight spaces, darkness mixed with flashing lights, and pulse-pounding noises would drive anyone to the brink of insanity. Beware the wrath of violence of Samuel the Savage and be careful not to lose your head or your mind!

What really sets Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor apart from other haunts is the amount of talented performers they have. From fire-eaters, to musicians, to contortionists, to magicians, and even the sliders – who have their very own show that you really don’t want to miss.

Dark Harbor Sliders show off their death defying tricks and popular Slider Olympics, with two shows per night. On October 14 and November 1, Dark Harbor will once again push the artistic boundaries of ‘sliding’ by bringing the top sliders from across Southern California together at the authentic haunt with Sliders Unite.

Dark Harbor is open on select nights through November 1. The hours are 7pm to Midnight on Thursday and Sunday nights, and 7pm to 1am on Fridays and Saturdays. A Happy Haunting Hour is available (for those who rise early from the grave) from 6pm to 7pm in the all-new Voodoo Brew in Voodoo Village before the gates open to Dark Harbor. Tickets to Happy Haunting Hour are very limited, start at $20 and include general admission to Dark Harbor with arrival prior to 8 p.m. General admission tickets start at just $24 online. For more information, or to purchase tickets visit the Queen Mary website.

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