Youth Theatre – The Hundred Dresses in Santa Monica


Theatre is a great way to give children life lessons and experiences in a way that keeps them interested and captivated. Santa Monica’s Morgan-Wixson Theatre does this through their Youth Education/Entertainment Series. Also called Y.E.S., the series offers four youth productions each year and one full-length Youth Musical each November/ December; performances are on Saturdays and Sundays. Most Y.E.S. shows are selected to support national and local school reading lists.

Next in the series is The Hundred Dresses, a timeless tale about the power of words and finding the courage to stand up to others. Wanda Petronski just wants to join the fun of having friends like everyone else. But in 1930’s small town America, a Polish immigrant doesn’t easily fit in. When Maddie’s best friend Peggy starts to tease Wanda, Maddie knows it isn’t right. When the teasing doesn’t stop and the Petronskis move to get away from the town’s prejudices, Maddie is wracked with guilt. She soon realizes that allowing her friend to be a bully can be just as bad as acting that way herself. Determined not to let her fear get the best of her again, Maddie braves the scorn of her classmates and stands up to them, making an unlikely friend in the process.
The Hundred Dresses is showing Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 am, January 30th through February 14th, 2016. Tickets are $12 for adults, and $10 for children 12 and under. For more information, visit

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Theatre For Young Audiences: OZ 2.5 at South Coast Repertory

I received two free tickets to see OZ 2.5 at South Coast Repertory. No other compensation was given. I am merely sharing a great experience.

South Coast Repertory OZ 2.5

Before this past Sunday, I had never gone to see a professional play. Yes, I said never! Sure I’ve seen plenty of school plays, and I’ve watched certain plays and musicals on television, but in almost 30 years I have managed to not once see actors on a stage amaze me with their talents in person. That is pretty sad. South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa is encouraging young theatre enthusiasts with their Theatre for Young Audiences program, so that they don’t end up like me.

Theatre for Young Audience performances have:

  • Shorter performance lengths.
  • Kid-friendly themes.
  • Family-friendly prices.
  • Informal cast meet & greet after the show (on weekends).

South Coast Repertory OZ 2.5 Play

Although OZ 2.5 is geared toward young audiences, I’ll have to admit that I found it both interesting and hilarious. The description of the play caught my eye, and I just had to check it out.

“Oz was never like this! That’s because it’s OZ 2.5: brighter, bolder, customized for every player, surprises around every corner—yes it’s a children’s classic set in a video game world! Dee’s screen name is Dorothy14, and with the help of Scarecrow, Tin Man and cowardly Lion, she gets through each level on her way to defeating the Witch of the Western Realm. But what happens when she wins the game and wants to go back to Kansas? Log on and find out.”

Although it is recommended for grades K through 6, adults can enjoy it too. There are plenty of jokes that are over the kids’ heads. I was wondering how they would make it look like it took place inside of a video game, and they did an amazing job. The set was colorful and exciting, and there were a lot of scene changes throughout the show. The audience was captivated throughout the entire play.

South Coast Repertory OZ 2.5 Cast Signings

OZ 2.5 is running through June 7th. This is the last weekend to catch it, so make sure you head to and get your tickets!